Friday, 8 July 2011

Random life

Took this picture on 2009's summer, just back from Taiwan. My life with art education is different. I got a BA degree in Advertising and marketing, after graduated I spend a year to make a graphic design portfolio, however, no school accepted me. So 2008 I went to London starting from foundation. During the foundation I change my pathway from fashion to graphic, but in the end, I got a ma graphic design offer and an ma illustration offer and I chose illustration.

In my first home in London, it's located in Elephant n castle, people said this area is dangerous but I'm satisfy with the tidy flat mates. On an afternoon, the shadow from opposite's flat was reflected on my wall.

Took this on 2009 autumn or winter, moved to Pimlico, it's a central/ safe/ clean area. But I don't like one of my flat mate. Also my master course is not very intensive, we only have one tutorial in 3 months..... which means we can only have 3 tutorials in whole course! Amazing!

The flat in Pimlico is a council house, no soundproofing in my room. I can know what my flat mate doing all the time, even she just walk no talk.

Waterloo is my favorite place to go. I enjoy river side and free top water in Southbank center.

I always took my stuff toy lamb with me. And this time is go back to Taiwan so I bring my used sketchbooks with me.

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