Thursday, 30 April 2009

oh~ lala

So worry about my final project, sometimes u want to do things perfect then it's easily fail.
And two of my tutor gave me opposite advices, making me more puzzle.
It's make me thinking about when I leave school "How can I know my work is over standard or under?" Is it answer by marketing? I got no idea, but I think every designer can tell did they success or not by their intuition.
 I hope I can do a good job in my final project .

Sunday, 19 April 2009


A new series of postcard named Hallucination.
It's inspired by Kuniyoshi's exhibition which is exhibit at Royal Academy of Arts.
His printing is so imaginative with fantastic color so I try to make a unreal atmosphere in this series.

Dear my you

Dear my you




Monday, 6 April 2009

lazy all the time

Ha ha I can't believe how lazy I am, coz this weekend when we arrived brick lane is 4pm (the G20 coz traffic jam so I spend one hour from my house to liverpool st.)
However, even I am so late I still earn some money this week! (smiling)

This week have a lot of people but most of them are tourist, 
and this young lady bought my new series of postcard!
She choose the one which has two deer on it ♥

And my friend Jenn join our vendor as well.

Happy children's day

4/4 is my friend A-Kai's birthday, it's also children's day in Taiwan , he is a very kind person
, when my first time came to london he took me around and gave me many advice on my work, sometimes I'll call he personal tutor!   (but I forgot why I always call him" chicken" haha~)
And the birthday card I made for him is so porn XD, coz chicken has same meaning with cock in chinese. A-Kai made a birthday cake by himself ! 
The cake is really amazing!!! I give it ★★★★★!

Happy Birthday Mr.Chicken!

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Spring is coming, I don't want to go to school !

These days getting dark around 7pm so I can walk around and take some photo.
Remember last summer, my photography class in LCC, Frank took us to river side to take photo, since then I full in love with south river side (near waterloo station) .
During my college life, only once a teacher said to us: The weather is sooo good, u guys shouldn't stay in class, go out and take some picture! 
yeah~ that's what I want do in spring, even though now is easter holiday XP! So my new series is "Spring is coming, I don't want to go to school" HAHA!

Anyway, hope this weekend is a sunny day, then we can go to brick lane!

The left one is my housemate Celia's favorite and the right one is my favorite, 'coz the bear look so poorly, like he is saying: mun, can I don't go to school today? 

Friday, 3 April 2009

Day goes so fast

Last Sunday was daylight saving time, we totally forgot it so when we arrived brick lane is almost 5 pm...
However, this time we prepare a card write done with "HAND MADE POSTCARD £1 EACH"
('coz last week so many people didn't know what was that for!!!)
Maybe we arrived too late, people who want to buy used clothe already bought it, but every body was interested in JaLie' dress. Unfortunately, no one bought it!
I'm so happy that I  almost sold out my postcard!!!!!
Actually, I really want tell people the secret behind my postcard!!!! (exciting XD)
THAT IS...................
Them can map together!!!!
Yes! When 10 of them get together!

they will be a family~XP

And this week I'm doing a new theme, hope it will be cool!