Saturday, 16 October 2010

New product!

New postcards are available now.
Is a print on 300g card.

(These two are stickers.)

(This is Greenwich three bookmark!)

Part of new printout can be buy at Tender product

(Btw, Oct's window display is designed by my friends~u can take a look)

Open studio

Last night is our open studio time. It's really fun, coz each artist's studio just like their room, open studio is more like u visit a friend's home but u don't know who is he.
I just move in this studio few weeks ago, before I came, it's used by a painter.....
When I first saw it, I feel helpless... the wall and the windows is full of paint, and it's the dirtiest carpet i had ever seen.
Especially , when I turn on the light, the light is flashing...

Anyway, I spent a lots of money and effort to decorate my studio.
Now it's super.

(c how happy I am :p)

OH~I forget to say, we get open studio during this weekend 16&17 Oct 1-6pm
U can check more information on website!