Friday, 27 April 2012

Secret Club present: Super Duper Nova

 My work!

Limited zine publish by A secret club. My collage work named Freaking Shining.

Trinity Exhibition in Taiwan, Kaohsiung.

 This exhibition is part of Kaoshiung design festival.
It shows my illustrations work and art project: 52 Weeks and a day project- Lend me your outfit.
Also I designed mascot for this exhibition, they are hybrid of Sika deer( Taiwan), Sparrow(Hong Kong) and Panda (China) . Because participate is come from this three different places and all under 30 years old.


It's a on going story which about a unicorn find his friend.

Don't be a party animal when you in a party!

Illustration for Modern Weekly/ China
It's become a Christmas fashion event gift!