Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Let's have a show on the lane!

Hi dear all:

I'm Ponga!
I still want to have a show with our classmate, and everybody had make a lot of effort on this show, it is really hard to make an exhibition work out.
So I won't ask to change anything about 24.

However, nobody say an exhibition must in gallery, it could happen in everywhere!
I will set up my work on brick lane which near stolenspace gallery on 18/4~19/4.
So I can celebrate have a show with our classmate on 19/4.
I would like to ask does anybody want to join me!

There is no theme, no size and number limited, no economical benefit, just for fun and have a good memory!!!!

I will make an map/tourism manual for people to know where can find the work, so plz let me know where you will put ur work on.
And the set up date is morning of April 18 because it is Sunday, brick lane will have many audience! The take off with classmates on 19/4.
After set up I will take a video to record this exhibition ('coz the work might be destroy/ clear up/ taken by someone after we hang on, hahaha),
we can talk about everything we want to say about our work.

Yeah~ it is all about making something fun and leave a good memory with classmates, we might go back to our country after the course, and never have a chance to have an exhibition together ( as we won't show work with part-time classmate in degree show).
So if any one interested in it, don't be hesitate contact me!

It is a email I wrote to my MA classmates in Camberwell.
The story is our classmates wanna have an extra exhibition before our degree show to have a good memory.
But I was sick so I didn't attend first time's discussion.
Then at second time's, classmates told me the theme of the show is "24 hours a day", people will be appoint to
illustrate a magic thing happen in that hour.
Due to it is "A day" concept, they can not have 25 people in the exhibition.
I ask them to change the "24 hours" but keep magic hour, so the concept will be A magic 25 hour day which is more surprise! (And as I know there still have 4 people want to join the show but can not 'coz of the 24 hours)
However, nobody answer my suggestion, they went to next topic.
It is sad can not have a exhibition with classmates, but I don't like to bother people to change something just for me.
I decided to hold a brick lane show by my own!
As the email, if you are interested in it, don't be hesitate to replay me!