Saturday, 4 April 2009

Spring is coming, I don't want to go to school !

These days getting dark around 7pm so I can walk around and take some photo.
Remember last summer, my photography class in LCC, Frank took us to river side to take photo, since then I full in love with south river side (near waterloo station) .
During my college life, only once a teacher said to us: The weather is sooo good, u guys shouldn't stay in class, go out and take some picture! 
yeah~ that's what I want do in spring, even though now is easter holiday XP! So my new series is "Spring is coming, I don't want to go to school" HAHA!

Anyway, hope this weekend is a sunny day, then we can go to brick lane!

The left one is my housemate Celia's favorite and the right one is my favorite, 'coz the bear look so poorly, like he is saying: mun, can I don't go to school today? 

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