Friday, 3 April 2009

Day goes so fast

Last Sunday was daylight saving time, we totally forgot it so when we arrived brick lane is almost 5 pm...
However, this time we prepare a card write done with "HAND MADE POSTCARD £1 EACH"
('coz last week so many people didn't know what was that for!!!)
Maybe we arrived too late, people who want to buy used clothe already bought it, but every body was interested in JaLie' dress. Unfortunately, no one bought it!
I'm so happy that I  almost sold out my postcard!!!!!
Actually, I really want tell people the secret behind my postcard!!!! (exciting XD)
THAT IS...................
Them can map together!!!!
Yes! When 10 of them get together!

they will be a family~XP

And this week I'm doing a new theme, hope it will be cool!

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