Saturday, 19 March 2011

Design me an outfit

I asked five people who have never been in Paris and never been trained in fashion industry to design me an outfit which they think is suit for attending the fashion week. Then I made their design into real and wore them to Paris fashion week (04March-08March 2011). When people or fashion photographer took picture of me, I did also ask them wrote down why they like to shoot me.

04March 2011

05March 2011

06March 2011
07March 2011
08March 2011


  1. you made all of those cloths? thats impressive!
    i really like second and third one! theyre like oh so fantastic!

  2. haha not inculd the fur coat la! and some of them is changed the design from a ready to wear clothe~ second one is designed by a friend who is graphic designer and third is by瓜皮~
    So happy u enjoy them~ xxx