Thursday, 18 November 2010

The lost "ga"

Last night had a event hold by our college, fortunately, I got a free stall in that event.
And I tried to make stuffed name for my stall.... however, due to my very slow stitch skill and bad 3D model making practice...
Even my name is "PONGA HUANG" I can only made PONGA and it's already take me a long time to do it and the "GA" is unfinished until event start...
Yeah~ as u see, my name become 'PON" (I heard someone was laughing at the name last night)

PON~ (it's like a car accident or something~)

(the cotton stuffing of 'ga' can be seen)
(New product is ~~Mr. Magnets)

(And new stitch works!!)

Don't worry, next time I will use ''GA&HUANG" Hahaha

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