Saturday, 16 October 2010

Open studio

Last night is our open studio time. It's really fun, coz each artist's studio just like their room, open studio is more like u visit a friend's home but u don't know who is he.
I just move in this studio few weeks ago, before I came, it's used by a painter.....
When I first saw it, I feel helpless... the wall and the windows is full of paint, and it's the dirtiest carpet i had ever seen.
Especially , when I turn on the light, the light is flashing...

Anyway, I spent a lots of money and effort to decorate my studio.
Now it's super.

(c how happy I am :p)

OH~I forget to say, we get open studio during this weekend 16&17 Oct 1-6pm
U can check more information on website!

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